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Arrowhead Cove Dredging Project

The Arrowhead Cove dredging project is underway. According to a recent update from the Garrett County Government, Brookfield Renewable U.S. will continue releasing water until the level reaches an elevation of 2456.5′. The goal is to complete this by November 17. This is still within the rule band limits for the water level for this time of year. It is expected to be raised to 2458′ by December 15.

Arrowhead Cove was chosen for the pilot dredging project due to the accumulated sediment. Causes for the excess sediment include high rain, heavy snow melt, and shoreline erosion. Approximately 15,000 cubic yards will be removed. By dredging, water depths will be increased improving access. The county anticipates the project will be completes by February 2024 with some additional restoration happing during the spring.

For more information on the dredging project, visit:

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